Last night, I was able to go star gazing. My friend was driving me home. I was not expecting to see stars in the night sky due to the previous cloudy days and the past typhoon. And light pollution from the city makes even the light of the brightest stars barely discernible.

But when I looked up, I was surprised to see an overwhelming abundance of bright lights dotting the night sky. We had just exited the city so the horizon still held the faint pinkish-yellow tinge from the night lights. But as we got further from the city, more stars came into view. I had my friend pull over so we could admire the sight.

My nape hurt a bit from looking up for too long but it was so worth it. As I faced the northern sky, I could see Polaris, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. I turn eastward and there was Draco. A bit further more and Vega, in all her splendor, stood out like a beacon among the other stars. To her left was Altair and between them, the milky way ran through Deneb, completing the summer triangle.

It was one of the most splendid sights I have ever seen. I can't remember ever having seen stars like I did last night. I feel oddly at peace after that.

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A quick illiustration on the Summer Triangle that I drew in SAI.

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